To keep with the spirit of Halloween and the article over on Jez, with the wonderfully long comment thread about Walt Disney and his racist portrayal of EVERYONE (except white Americans), I thought I would regal y'all with a tale of blatant double racism. I live in an area highly populated by night clubs. It provides equal parts free entertainment and annoyance depending on the night. Well, last Saturday proved to be a night of entertainment. Everyone was dressed as something. Slutty Angel, complete with white hot pants and white fishnets. A group of Middle Eastern Sheiks, that I am pretty sure were actually Middle Eastern and had the traditional garb so they went with that as a costume. Although these guys did have what appeared to be a male Genie in their group that kind of threw me off, like, is that racist or not? Anyway, the most wonderfully, special, overt display on racism involved a fairly large group of white 20 something girls. There must have been 12 people total, with at least 8 of the girls dressed a slutty Indians. They had the whole she-bang. Tiny, faux deer skin dresses, moccasins and the best part, generic red, black and white feathered headdresses. Oh, y'all it was such a sight to behold. I saw them coming a mile away. They thought they were SO CUTE! Look at us! We are slutty Indian princesses! Lawd, guys, my eyes rolled so hard I think I strained a muscle. But wait here comes the best part, the double racism!
I am crossing an intersection with a left turn arrow so I am able to make it across while this group is stuck waiting for the next light. There is a black couple waiting on the same corner as the "Princesses". They are kind of young and not in costume, just a regular couple out on a Saturday night. Now, all of these girls are smoking cigarettes. No big deal if you smoke, but there are like 7 chics smoking, while waiting for this light to change. So the guy from the couple asks the group, in general, if he can borrow a lighter. No one bothers to respond expect for one girl who turns and looks him up and down and then snarls the snottiest "No." I have ever heard. I about died. Really? All of you are smoking and no one has a lighter. Surrrrrrre, I believed that about as much as the guy did. I wanted to tell him "Hey, friend, you really think this group of bitches dressed as slutty Indians is going to lend a BLACK GUY their lighter? Ha! You have a better chance convincing them their costumes are racist."
I chose not to say anything and instead made eye contact with the girlfriend and gave her the biggest "Can you believe these racist bitches?" eye roll I could muster. And as I walked away I heard the guy under his breath mutter, racist ass bitches, to which I internally nodded my head. I don't know if the girls heard or cared or if anything else was said because I kept walking. But at that moment I had never wished more for a lighter to lend out. I would have made a big production of letting the guy use it and loudly announcing, for the group to hear, that you can't expect people who culturally appropriate costumes to actually talk to a black guy. Duh.


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